The Republic Day marked in Addis Ababa

The Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia hosted official reception on the occasion of the Republic Day. High-level Ethiopian officials, including Dr. Fasil Nahom, Advisor to the Prime-Minister of Ethiopia, officials of the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry, as well as Ambassadors and diplomats, media representatives, business people and Ethiopian alumnis of Azerbaijan’s high schools  participated at the event.

The Ambassador of Azerbaijan Mr. Elman Abdullayev in his welcoming remarks informed the guests about the significance of the establishment of the first ever Parliamentary Democracy in the Muslim East – Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, its crucial role in the granting of equal rights to all the citizens, especially woman’s suffrage in 1919 which is long before many other states did . It was noted that modern Republic of Azerbaijan is the successor of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.

Later Ambassador Abdullayev spoke about military aggression of the Republic of Armenia against Azerbaijan in the result of which 20% of our territories are still under military occupation and more that 1 million refugees and IDP are unable return to their homelands. He reminded the guests that UN Security Council adopted four resolutions demanding full, unconditional and immediate withdrawal of the Armenian military forces from the occupied territories.

Ambassador Abdullayev specially underlined the historical role of the founder of the modern Azerbaijan, our National Leader Heydar Aliyev in all the achievments that Azerbaijan has nowadays.

Ambassador has also spoke about strong and long-lasting traditions of tolerance and multiculturalism in Azerbaijan, importance and necessity for the whole world of the “Baku Process”, launched by the initiative of the President of Azerbaijan H.E. Mr. Ilham Aliyev in 2008.  Ambassdor added that Azerbaijan is an exemplary model of multiculturalism and interfaith harmony creating an inclusive environment where representatives of all religions continue to live side by side in peace and dignity. He infromed the guests that year 2016 has been declared as “The Year of Multiculturalism”, meanwhile the ongoing year 2017 is “The Year of Islamic Solidarity” in Azerbaijan.

While talking about relations with the African countries Ambassdor touched upon the importance of the official visits in the promotion of bilateral relations. He informed the participants about the visits of the First Lady of Ethiopia H.E. Ms. Roman Tesfaye, First Lady of Rwanda H.E. Ms. Jeannette Kagame and First Lady of Mali H.E. Ms. Keita Aminata Maiga for the participation at the World Forum on International Dialogue in Baku on 5-6 May, 2017, as well as their active participation together with the First Vice-President of the Republic of Azerbaijan H.E. Ms. Mehriban Aliyeva at the round table “Countering violent extremism through the girls’ education”.

Ambassador has also noted that on November this year Azerbaijan and Ethiopia will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations and expressed hope that the relationship between our countries will be stronger and stronger.

Guest of honour from the Ethiopian side Dr. Fasil Nahom in his remarks spoke about bilateral relations between our countries, adding that they have been developing very rapidly in the recent years.

During the reception the guests enjoyed examples of traditional Azerbaijani music and rich cuisine.

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