President of Pan-African Parliament visits ASAN Service No 3

President of Pan-African Parliament Roger Nkodo Dang has visited ASAN Service Center No 3 of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Nkodo Dang was broadly informed about the creation of ASAN Service centers, their goals, types of services rendering there and activity areas. The establishment of ASAN Service Centers contributed to improving the effectiveness of public administration through increasing transparency and applying innovations.

ASAN service aims to ensure the realization of the services to be rendered by the state entities in a uniformed and coordinated manner. ASAN service centers are designed to form up a new approach towards ensuring the citizens’ satisfaction in functioning of the state servants in relation to the population and to enrich the quality of relations between state servants and citizens.

The functioning of the ASAN Service centers is based on the principles of operativeness, transparency, ethical behavior, responsibility and comfort. At ASAN Centers, citizens are presented all types of electronic services. Moreover, ABAD legal entity was established to support family businesses such as decorative-applied folk arts and agriculture.

Nkodo Dang was also informed of the Memorandums of Understanding on cooperation which were signed between the State Agency for Citizens Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and a number of countries.

ASAN Service received the United Nations Public Service Award 2015 and was also the winner of the international competition held by the British Council for Occupational Safety. At the same time, ASAN letter and ASAN personnel projects organized by ASAN volunteers are included in the UN's "Advanced Mechanisms and Solutions within the South-South Partnership" portal as advanced practices.

The Pan-African Parliament’s president hailed the activity of Asan Service Center.

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